So , whether you prefer training in a Gym environment or feel more comfortable exercising at Home or Outside , No problem !

Doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great workout at Home !

There’s some great compact home training equipment available now , & you don’t need much space or have to spend a fortune converting a room into your home gym either. 

You just need to adapt & think outside the box ( no pun intended for those Crossfit people )

In fact , potentially you can make some great progress , they say a change is as good as a rest so try new ways of training that you may not have considered previously.

Sometimes having all that choice the gym environment can have to offer can put us into a rut.

Keeping fit & healthy ( both Physically & Mentally )  is vitally important.

Routine is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle , so make sure you plan your workouts & your meals into your day.

No matter how busy you are , planning is key  ….. & if you think there isn’t time , then prioritise  some ‘me’ time.

No matter what exercise equipment you have available , workouts can be designed around this to be very effective.

There are some great workouts available online so I won’t dwell on specifics , but for efficiency & effectiveness some of the CrossFit / HIIT type training routines are very good , working around the 75% HRM ( or 7-8 RPE ) range , & using a combination of available equipment &/or just bodyweight.

After all , if using just a set of resistance bands & bodyweight works for Special Forces Units , if its good enough for them then its good enough for us.

Nutrition is also a very important aspect , so instead of comfort eating , plan your meals around what is available , adapt & utilise.

Obesity has long been established as contributory to both immunosuppressive and inflammatory conditions.
( A study into the 2009 flu pandemic by Moser et al (2019) found that the risk of being hospitalised was significantly higher in the underweight and morbidly obese. That particular strain was relatively mild, although being fairly infectious it had a very large death toll )

Make sure that your diet incorporates a good variety of quality non-processed macronutrients , such as fresh fruit , vegetables , quality protein & slow release complex carbohydrates.

Try to keep up with taking supplements that compliment your individual needs.

Incorporate a fat burner or Muscle Building supplement where applicable , try to stick with what you would do if you were paying for your gym subsciption , continue to strive toward that goal.

Consistency & being accountable is also key , so use a good fitness app & integrate with wearable fitness tracking tech where possible. 

There are some supplements that have very strong anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory ingredients , one of these is Extreme Labs OCS , this is normally used by those on a Prohormone Cycle etc , but equally can be used to reduce oxidative stress & boost the immune system.

Other ingredients that can be beneficial include those products containing any or all of the following :

• Turmeric ( Curcumin )
• Ginger
• Echinacea
• Vit D
• Vit C
• Vit E
• Zinc
• N-Acetyl Cysteine ( NAC ) or Glutathione
• Green Tea