Anabolic Pharmaceuticals Nolva-DX ( 30 Tablets )

Anabolic Pharmaceuticals Nolva-DX ( 30 Tablets )


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NOLVA DX is an original compound Testosterone Boosting Agent. A  non-prescription Anti-Aromatase inhibitor that works by blocking/binding to the aromatase enzyme therefore preventing the conversion to Estrogen.

It also works by securing to the estrogen receptors and by doing so, it keeps  the harmful estrogen from binding to these receptor sites.

Low Estrogen levels lead to a harder, leaner, more sharper looking physique.

No more holding water, no more bloating, just rock hard shredded muscle !!

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What is NOLVA-DX?

NOLVA DX is an original compound Testosterone Boosting Agent.

A  non-prescription Anti-Aromatase inhibitor that works by blocking/binding to the aromatase enzyme  keeping it from converting to Estrogen.

It also works by securing to the estrogen receptors and by doing so,  keeps  the  estrogen from binding to these receptor sites.

Low Estrogen leads to a harder, leaner, more sharper looking physique.

No more holding water, no more bloating , just rock hard shredded muscle !!


NOLVA-DX is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in testosterone enhancement that incorporates synergistic myosin muscle tissue remodeling , utilizing a specialized designer Anti-Aromatase Complex and endocrine augmenting co-factors.

NOLVA-DX is designed to block the action of the aromatase enzyme, which causes a reduction in estrogen levels and a quick and dramatic rise in Free Testosterone levels.

In addition to its anti-aromatase action, NOLVA-DX activates the precise endocrine pathways required for promoting myosin muscle tissue remodeling to further enhance the muscle building process.

In the development of NOLVA-DX, the primary objective of the  research team was to identify the most effective way to increase both total and free testosterone levels with the goal of pushing testosterone levels beyond the upper limits of natural production.

During this , it was first determined that the best way to boost the body’s bioactive testosterone levels was through the utilization of specialized anti-aromatase inhibiting compounds. This approach allows for optimum levels of free testosterone without having the negative feedback inhibition effects and estrogenic elevations caused by other methods.

NOLVA-DX anti-aromatase ingredients work synergistically to rapidly inhibit the actions of the endogenous aromatase enzymes.

The majority of testosterone (approximately 98%) that is transported in the blood is bound to protein carriers, such as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. Therefore, only a small amount of testosterone (approximately only 2%) is actually free, or bioactive. When testosterone is bound, it cannot exert its anabolic activity at the receptor site. In order for testosterone to be useful, it must be unbound; this is referred to as “Free-Testosterone”. Therefore, the desired goal for optimal muscle building and male performance is to increase Free-Testosterone. Free-Testosterone can also be converted to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme. Therefore, inhibiting the aromatase enzyme’s activity will result in increasing the amount of testosterone, in particular, the free, bioactive testosterone. NOLVA-DX anti-aromatase action prevents the aromatization of testosterone, resulting in increased levels of circulating Free-Testosterone and prolonged anabolic action. Independent research also reports that lowering estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition up-regulates testosterone production.

NOLVA-DX can therefore lead to increased testosterone production and inhibit the breakdown of free testosterone into Estrogen !

6-Bromoandrostendione – 6-Bromo is a multi-isomer natural androgenic compound that not only inhibits estrogen but ramps up natural testosterone and has a range of natural anabolic and androgenic properties of its own. Unlike many 6-Bromo variants this ultra-pure new variant does not degrade into useless and inactive forms like many cheaper compounds.

Cordyceps Sinensis – Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most valued medicinal fungi in all of Traditional Chinese Medicines. Once reserved only for emperors, this versatile mushroom is now the tonic of China’s elite athletes. Sexual dysfunction in men: Cordyceps can benefit many men who have problems involving sexual function.

L-Histidine HCL – It has been suggested that Histadine is one of the most important Amino Acids, being involved in the control of optimal growth and is also essential in the production of Histamine – our body’s natural defence against allergies.

4- Etioallocholen- 3, 6, 17- Trione – Inhibitors block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, similiar to the prescription drug arimidex. 3,6,17 androstenetrione is more specifically, a suicide aromatase inhibitor because it permanently binds together. As a result your system estrogen levels go down, but your testosterone levels should go up dramatically. Groundbreaking Discovery: Researchers Discover the Synergistic Link between Testosterone and Thyroid Hormone on Myosin Muscle Building Activation.

NOLVA-DX is one of the first-ever testosterone formula to incorporate revolutionary myosin activation. NOLVA-DX dual anabolic action of elevating free testosterone and myosin activation promotes significant increases in muscle fiber size. NOLVA-DX has the unique ability to create hormonal conditions favorable for myosin up-regulation and the conversion of small slow twitch muscle fibers to the much larger fast twitch muscle fiber variety. This muscle tissue remodeling, from slow twitch to fast twitch, favorably alters the body’s muscle building potential for much greater gains in size and strength and is required for experiencing maximum increases in strength and muscle size.

During the development of NOLVA-DX, the Anabolic Pharmaceuticals research and development team also analyzed the correlation of thyroid function, thyroid hormone levels and testosterone production. It’s been well established that thyroid hormones, T-3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine) are extremely important in normal development of muscle tissue, in addition to their other functions in the body. Promoting proper thyroid gland function and thyroid hormone levels is required for the development of muscle mass, and also for the differentiation of biochemical and contractile characteristics, such as muscle fiber composition. Low thyroid hormone levels are associated with reduction in muscle mass. Moreover, impaired thyroid function and lower thyroid (T3 and T4) levels have been observed among bodybuilders and power athletes who use synthetic forms of testosterone and anabolic steroids. This endocrine system impairment has led to a common practice among bodybuilders doing their cycles to use synthetic thyroid hormone and offset the down regulation of natural thyroid hormone production caused by anabolic steroids to help with the muscle building and fat burning process.

During their research, Anabolic Pharmaceuticals scientists uncovered compelling research findings about the correlation and synergistic effects of thyroid function and the testosterone initiated muscle building process. But they also discovered some new groundbreaking research being done at NASA and other top universities on how the up-regulation of thyroid functions poses incredible muscle building effects through the activation of myosin. Myosin is the thick contractile protein that makes up the bulk of muscle fiber. (see illustration).The up-regulation of thyroid activity increases myosin, which in turn allows for the remodeling of slow twitch muscle fibers into fast twitch muscle fibers. It’s the fast twitch muscle fibers which contribute most to muscle size and strength.

It was determined that the inclusion of a natural thyroid stimulating hormone activator would be extremely beneficial for not only the optimization of testosterone production, but also to further enhance muscle building through the myosin activation.


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