Muscle strength, fitness and muscular development are all multi-million pound industries with a number of products specifically created to be sold to an ever growing market. However, with so many different products why should you consider using Prohormones?

Here, we will explore more about the benefits of Prohormones in more detail.

How do Prohormones work?

When combined with the right exercise plan, Prohormones have been proven to produce results. Just taking a Prohormone Cycle alone will still have noticeable results, but with the right training and diet, you’ll see major results in a short amount of time.

Prohormones are essentially the building blocks used by your body to produce massive muscle gains but unlike anabolic steroids they are legal. Your body only has the capacity to produce a certain amount.

There is a lot of debate whether Prohormones are true steroids or not, but Prohormones when converted by your body’s natural enzymes (& after filtration through your liver) do become a ‘steroid like’ designer muscle building supplement.

Therefore it is important , & we cannot stress enough , You MUST always take cycle support supplements when you start a course of Prohormones !

How do pro hormones work is quite a common question among men looking to bulk up , build muscle & get leaner. Pro hormones are a kind of Anabolic Androgenic Substances (AAS) that are legally available in many countries to be consumed by humans. Anabolic Androgenic Substances happen to be anabolic encapsulating synthetic derivatives of estradiol, testosterone and other male sex hormones. Androgenic refers to the fact that these substances generate masculanizing effects, such as body and facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, more oiliness of the skin, etc., and often they cause muscle growth.

Pro hormones happen to be naturally occurring forms of Anabolic Androgenic Substances. Once pro hormones are ingested, metabolic precursors convert them into active anabolic compounds, which are known as target hormones. Enzymes that are already naturally present within the body are required for this process. However, the amount of hormone that can be converted by these enzymes within any given period tends to be limited.

It is because of this conversion process that occurs within the body that Who Should Take Pro Hormones?

It cannot be denied that Prohormones happen to be powerful compounds that achieve their effect by manipulating hormone levels. They happen to be serious substances, and only Male individuals who are above the age of 21 should use them. Use of pro hormones is not recommended for females in any circumstance because of the increased Androgenic ( Emasculating ) side effects , or by Males who are below the age of 21 since the endocrine system can be seriously affected at such a young age, which may lead to long-term health problems.

Beyond that, the best pro hormones can be used by anyone who is on the quest to add muscle mass, decrease body fat, and/or increase strength. It is better if an individual spends at least one year training before deciding to use pro hormones. In fact, it is even better to exhaust the natural growth potential before using pro hormones. Moreover, it is also better to have a decent dietary and training experience to be able to effectively and fully capitalize on pro hormones.

No one can deny that pro hormones do indeed work, and as for how do pro hormones work, it should be apparent by now how these Anabolic Androgenic Substances actually function. In fact, the better the function and how pro hormones work is understood, the more effectively individuals can capitalize on them to reach their goal of bulking up.