The ability to buy prohormones online in the uk can seem like an easy way to develop muscle fast, and they are certainly attracting a lot of attention lately.

Prohormones like Halodrol M1T, Superdrol 350, M1T Max-Drol HD, Storm SD Matrix and Oxy Black amongst others, have proven very popular and effective. However being steroids, albeit “natural”, they are not without risks and we assume you have done your research before arriving here and are not just diving in blindly.

Are they legal?

Yes, they are legal.

No, they aren’t quite as “hard core” as the illegal variety, but they are still a form of steroids and therefore need prohormone cycle support to protect the liver.

You should never use pro hormones without an accompanying OCS & PCT supplement – not if you a) expect to keep the gains you have made and b) want to safeguard your health.

If you can’t afford to buy prohormone cycle support supplements then please do not buy prohormones to use alone. You’ll quickly lose whatever gains you made and likely damage your health.

Pro Hormone Stacks aka PH Stacks are a complete cycle of the Prohormone, On Cycle Support, and Post Cycle Therapy supplements. This gives you the best chance of preserving the fast gains and not developing any health problems at all

It goes without saying that you should be taking care of your diet and exercising too.

We have a number of Prohormone Stacks here at Cut Price Prohormones, that have proven to be very effective for our team.

You can of course mix and match the prohormones, on cycle support, and post cycle therapy supplements to create your own favourite PH Stack.